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Our terry dressing gowns are 100% cotton. We use high quality terry material (300 g/m2 to 500 g/m2) both classic and velvet (velour). We also use other material such as silk, sateen, fleece, light furry material etc. Our top advantage is that we are ready to make your bathrobe of any material you like.

Shrinking: After first wash terry can shrink by 5% (when complying with recommended washing temperatures, if washed at temperatures 60°C or higher shrinking can increase by up to 12% in size!)

Warning: The surface of velvet terry (velour) is specially treated, the ends of the cotton fabric loops are trimmed. During production a very strong suction together with mechanical beating is used, though some cut material may remain. This effect will gradually fade with repeated washing.

A customized dressing gown is a symbol of your personal style. Design an original for yourself, make it a piece of art...

My vixen original

Here you can easily order the most popular types of Vixen dressing gowns on line. We also offer gowns for kids.

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VIXEN Czech Republic s.r.o.
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