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Personal data protection


Declaration of privacy protection

VIXEN Czech Republic s.r.o. declares to respect and protect your privacy. VIXEN Czech Republic s.r.o. declares to protect your personal data and proceeds according to a legislation no. 101/2000 Sb., personal data protection and changes to some related legislation.

Securing personal data

VIXEN Czech Republic s.r.o. is bound to protect and secure your personal data. We use many data protection and securing technologies and steps taken in order to protect your personal data against an unauthorised access, misuse or accessibility. If you inform us during the order of goods or services about your personal data, be sure, we use them only for business and contact purposes with you.
VIXEN Czech Republic s.r.o. will not sell nor by other means rent your personal data to third parties. Without your consent and if law does not require otherwise, we will not share your personal data, which you give us online.

When your personal data is required

VIXEN Czech Republic s.r.o. on its internet pages publishes information not just about products and services, which it offers, but also information about company contacts, basic company data etc. All such information is accessible by customers without any requirement of their personal data. The only exception is the access to the on-line business system (E-shop), which is accessible only to those customers who have registered. In this only case customers are required to enter their access data, based on which the client identity is checked and access is granted.

Data that we collect

VIXEN Czech Republic s.r.o. operates a web site on which you can order products or services, enter your queries and register for mailing of materials. Personal data which are collected on this web site are invoicing details, delivery address, contact person, telephone contact, e-mail address and business transaction details.

Why we collect such data

VIXEN Czech Republic s.r.o. will collect and use your personal data only with your foreknowledge and consent for order or possibly subsequent use of products and services. By you stated personal data will be used solely for reasons of goods or services provision to you, which includes processing of order forms, contract closure, provision of information, which you request or answers delivered to your questions or complaints.

Consent with the provision of personal data

VIXEN Czech Republic s.r.o. gathers your consent with the provision of your personal data into the company's database and their further processing of registrations on our internet pages. If you decide to submit your personal data to us (any information that can lead to possible identification of you as a person) you can be assured that the provided information will be used solely in accordance with our aim to provide customer support.

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Company address:

VIXEN Czech Republic s.r.o.
Letohradská 501 / 16
170 00 Prague 7 / Holešovice
Czech Republic

Correspondence address:

VIXEN Czech Republic s.r.o.
Máchova 17 / Vinohrady
120 00 Prague 2
Czech Republic