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Vixen About Us

World travellers used to cover their luggage with stickers from the places they had visited. Today they would rather take their friends to their bathroom for a display of towels from hotels worldwide. However, the most stunning bathroom jewel to catch the visitor´s eye would be Vixen - a dressing gown customized to their own design, illustration of its owner´s taste and an accomplishment in the art of relaxing, a garment in which you can´t help but feel good, wherever you happen to be.

Vixen equals comfort...

A dressing gown is a personal and indispensable item in anyone´s wardrobe. It will provide for a quiet oasis before the start of another busy day, and a shelter when the day is over. Enjoy a pause after a bath, relax in comfort and style after sauna or at a swimming pool. Grant yourself the joy of carefree quiet and dolce far niente...
Having it on, all your thoughts of work will be creative.

Vixen is a perfect gift.

Ladies wearing Vixen are just so sexy, and gentlemen simply irresistible... Your satisfaction is our target, and that is why VIXEN´s business is making customized bathrobes. Unleash your imagination and let your dreams come true.

Company Vixen

Vixen was incorporated in 2003 in response to the unfulfilled demand for quality terry products which would meet the requirements of the selective customer. If you happen to be one, we are here just for you... Our production and marketing strategy aims at the development of a strong trade mark for demanding customers, typically those who will appreciate fashion and quality of our products, for charismatic people of a distinctive taste.



A customized dressing gown is a symbol of your personal style. Design an original for yourself, make it a piece of art...

My vixen original

Here you can easily order the most popular types of Vixen dressing gowns on line. We also offer gowns for kids.

Men's Women's


Company address:

VIXEN Czech Republic s.r.o.
Letohradská 501 / 16
170 00 Prague 7 / Holešovice
Czech Republic

Correspondence address:

VIXEN Czech Republic s.r.o.
Máchova 17 / Vinohrady
120 00 Prague 2
Czech Republic